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Announcing Beautyberry by Cassie Donish

beautyberry cover-1 2.21.54 PM.png

We’re proud to announce that Beautyberry by Cassie Donish is forthcoming from Slope.

To quote Mary Jo Bang, who blurbs Beautyberry with devotional enthusiasm,

This is a book of boundaries, objects, intersections. A book of multiple selves caught in the midst of self-definition. A book of conflagrations (“my hair / yesterday’s / fire caught / in a disaster”). A book inhabited by all the poets who came right up to the edge over which this book falls (“I consider any verge / a haunting”). A book by a daughter of Dickinson but of this moment. This book is not afraid to address abstractions: What is the beloved? What is a body? What is knowledge? This book barrels toward showing us what can’t be told. If I could, I would quote every word of this book. Instead, you should read it. “The words fall out, click against the table.”