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Isa the Truck Named Isadore by Amanda Nadelberg


Isa the Truck Named Isadore by Amanda Nadelberg


These poems offer up a slice of the new Americana pie, and in it are girls named Clelia and boys called Zeb. I would read these poems to my daughter (though her names not in here) for the delicious taste of Fox in Socks gone savvy. Whether you take milk with your pie or coffee, you will find in these pages "a small rebellion against the sheer amount of world." 

- Eleni Sikelianos

There are sixty-three stories in this book of poetry: stories of the naming of peoples in the traditions of the Teutons and the Greeks and the Jews. Imagine all of this information presented to you with a carefulness of what we poets refer to as our prosody: hot prosody, singing sounds, graceful leaps of the lines, well shaped couplets, conversational dexterity  almost eerie in its Rimbaudian perfection. Its delightful  this poet is the antenna of the race. 
- Lisa Jarnot, from her introduction

93 pages; paperback; ISBN 978-0977769803


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